How to Last Longer in Bed

Premature ejaculation is an embarrassing affair in the bedroom for you as a man and it also means less satisfaction for women since women usually tend to have orgasms much later. When a man ejaculates earlier than a woman she is left hanging halfway and this can even ruin relationships in the long run. This article will discuss a few tips on how to last longer in bed.

Kegel exercises help to exercise the muscles of the pelvic region and it gives you better control of you bladder and erections. This helps you to control the flow and length of an erection. Repeating this squeeze continuously boosts longevity in bed. Learn to maintain focus on pleasing your woman trough romance and foreplay. Avoid penetration completely and save vaginal intercourse for last to enable her achieve an earlier orgasm. It will sure take off the pressure of you not satisfying her enough. This way you will also enjoy yourself more.

Whenever you feel the pressure building up and you feel the urge to ejaculate you should pull out and squeeze the joint where the head and shaft meet for some seconds. Stop having sexual intercourse for about half a minute then restart the process from top. Keep doing this for as long as you wish not to ejaculate and only stop when you feel overwhelmed ad ready to climax.

Cut back on intake of excess alcohol and cigarette smoking. Both cause fatigue and affect the sexual hormones and they lower libido and overall sexual performance. Take up exercising and a healthy diet instead since foods are very beneficial in increasing ones sex drive. Add in more oysters, chocolates, red wine, bananas, fruits and fresh vegetables. They are rich in antioxidants that boost the circulatory system. Exercise promotes constant blood flow and this is highly important in erection control. The more efficient your circulatory system the better your sex life will be.

Watch the following video for more tips on how to last longer in bed.